Handling Anger

Angry it is necessary and must be done by every individual. it’s just angry at the right time and place would be difficult. Anger is a reaction to the motives that are not being met. Since childhood, even as a baby we’ve been able to make the angry behavior. However, in infants and children who can not speak of behavior is usually a cry of rage. Anger is usually always connoted the negative things. People who are angry are usually not many people enjoy. Islam as a religion Rahmatan Lil’alamin teach how to make the anger becomes wild, ferocious and dangerous of these is contained in a letter lain.hal Ali Imran verse 134.
Religion therapy in controlling anger:
A. Every morning start the day by saying “today I should not be angry”
2. When would upset immediately invoke the protection of the temptation of the accursed satan.

Psychological therapy in controlling anger:
A. Look at your face when you’re angry dicermin and imagine what if your face is the smile turned sour. then ask yourself how long would such a sour-faced itu.kemudian daring to laugh hard.
2. Eliminate the energy that detonates it by doing kegiatan.seperti walking or shopping.
3. Write the letter of the most heinous thing you can do.